Nikola Bíziková

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Nikola Bíziková - Social Media Manager - Vivantina

Nikola Bíziková

Social Media Manager


Being a Social Media Manager doesn't just mean managing social networks. She is a mixture of marketer, photographer, graphic artist and copywriter in one person. And our Nika is just such a person. Her job is not just about scheduling posts and responding to comments. It is a creative process that allows her to express her personality and excel in her art. She loves his job. The more creative she is, the more she enjoys it. Her creativity sometimes knows no bounds and constantly surprises with new ideas. Nika already has 5 years of experience in the field of social network management, and during that time many satisfied clients have passed under her hands. Her work is not only about the number of followers or likes. This is also evidenced by the concrete results it achieves for our clients.

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