Štefan Koreň

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Štefan Koreň - SEO Specialist & Consultant - Vivantina

Štefan Koreň

SEO Specialist & Consultant


Števo is our senior SEO specialist, consultant and web developer focused on Front-end and WordPress. In these activities, he has 17 years of rich experience, which he acquired during long-term international cooperation in various successful projects in Europe, the USA, Great Britain and South Africa. He likes to talk, he is extremely communicative (he constantly "annoys" if he needs feedback and cooperation in the process). He is constantly learning, testing, researching, looking for solutions, and last but not least, he places great emphasis on detail and precisely performed work, which brings visible results and maximum client satisfaction. He considers SEO to be a very important activity and sees huge potential in it. That's why he enjoys it so much.

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