Zuzana Lukáčová

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Zuzana Lukáčová - Social Media Manager - Vivantina

Zuzana Lukáčová

Social Media Manager

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During her university studies at the University of Prešov in the field of media studies our Zuzka devoted herself to social networks. At Vivantina, she is in charge of client's social networks, as well as ours. However, apart from that, she takes care of all our internal marketing. Zuzka represents generation Z in Vivantina, which is why she brings us a new wave of energy. She loves working with video, from creation to editing. She is also our creative soul, who is always happy to help us with graphics or texts. Although she has been in marketing for less than 2 years she is very studious and smart. After all, it can also be seen in her results.

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