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Alternative Advertising Systems

Sometimes Google Ads or Facebook Ads are not enough. For special needs we have Etarget, Azet klik, Inres and many others.

More options of internet advertising

In case of specific requirements or strong competition, Google Ads or Facebook Ads may not be enough for you. A range of options is complemented by alternative ad systems such as Criteo, LinkedIn Ads, AdRoll and more.


I have special demands


Here you can advertise:

  • Criteo
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • AdRoll
  • Adform
  • RTB House
  • Etarget (PPC and RTB campaigns)
  • Inres
  • Azet klik
  • Inclick

Each of these ad systems has its own specifics. Other ad formats, a different type of sites in the ad network, other targeting options and campaign optimization. Getting familiar with all the options and understanding them in detail is time consuming. Therefore we'll be glad to help you with choosing the right ad system, setting it up and with advertising itself.

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