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Facebook Ads

Nowadays, advertising on social media is necessity. Speak to your target group on places where they spend their time the most.

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Today, Facebook is the biggest social media platform and one of the most used communication channels. With Facebook Ads you can hit up to 50% of mature population in the market of online advertising!

Facebook provides various types of marketing campaigns to be used for a different marketing goals. This type of advertising offers diverse options from a traditional picture with description through carousel to video ads.


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Facebook Ads options:

  • News Feed
  • Right Column Ad
  • Mobile Apps
  • Video
  • Facebook Audience Network
  • Remarketing, Dynamic remarketing
  • Instagram Ads

Facebook Ads advantages:

  • precise targeting of chosen user’s group
  • user recognition regardless of devices used (PC or mobile)
  • various types of advertising options
  • visually engaging advertisement

Precise Targeting

Facebook is professionally collecting data from its users based on location and interests. Data collected from Facebook database help marketers to aim adverts to your specific target group. Since this system is closed (every user is logged in), we can speak to the same user no matter which device was used to login to social media account.

Instagram Advertising

Facebook Ads enable to share advertisement on its partner company (Instagram). We are able to use the same advertising tools and methods to target your group.

Other social media networks

Depending on your target group and marketing requirements, other social media networks might be suitable for you. We offer to prepare campaigns for you on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media networks.

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