Marketing for manufacturers

Having your own product or selling products directly to the end user is very advantageous from a margin point of view. Also, end customers sometimes pay in advance, which is positive from the point of view of the company's cash flow.


customers since the establishment of the agency

1+ million

euros pre-advertised per year


team of specialists

On the other hand, the demands for building one's own distribution channel are increasing. If you want to survive, word of mouth is not enough today, and if you want to progress, you need to have a well-thought-out marketing concept for acquiring customers.

Undoubtedly, nowadays the Internet is the place that companies choose as the number 1 marketing channel. It only takes a few minutes for a person to look up anything using a mobile phone, even on the bus on the way from work.

However, the question is, how to make it work and be effective?

  • How to succeed in this environment? There is strong competition everywhere.
  • How to choose the right marketing tools suitable for my product and brand?
  • How to create your own strategy, set goals and how to evaluate them?
  • What indicators are important when choosing the right marketing channel?
  • How to use the full potential of the market?
  • Can I do it myself? Or is it worth having employees?
  • How will I control them?
What do you get from working with us?
Your own team of specialists

It allows us more independent views and a mix of expertise and experience. An indisputable advantage is also the professional substitutability of a person, for example during vacation.

International experience and specific areas

We have experience with campaign management, for example, also in Austria. We communicate in English, but we can handle other languages ​​as well.

We manage specific areas: B2B, healthcare, export abroad

It takes years of experience to zigzag through the various constraints. We have been through it for you and are willing to share it with you.

Overlap into other areas of marketing

We are a marketing agency, and we have a lot of professionals. For our clients, we create overall strategies, create content, manage social networks, produce timeless websites, shoot videos and much more. We know how to combine, use, and evaluate things.

It is economically advantageous

It is more profitable for your company to pay one invoice per month than to find and maintain your own employee. In addition, if you do not understand him and do not know how to evaluate his work, it also brings certain risks. The problem is also the motivation of the internal specialist, who after a while starts to get bored, since he does not have new projects and incentives.


Process program

Introductory consultation
Defining your requirements, analysing needs and goals.
Proposing the strategy
Proposing appropriate means and procedures to achieve goals.
Regular maintenance & amendments
Regular care and implementing changes & updates.

How to reach and satisfy today's modern consumer who is constantly online and has all the information at hand?


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What is the result of our work

Do you need experts who can think independently and carry out activities? You have found exactly what you are looking for. Our goal is to manage campaigns so that you can fully focus on your business and not have to deal with things that you are not quite at home with.

Our effort is to ensure that your website or advertising campaigns get the best possible results with the lowest possible investment. Transparent and clear reporting of all activities, strategic project management and consultations are a matter of course.


Certified marketing agency

More than 10 years of experience

  • certified marketing agency
  • Google partner
  • 40+ regular customers
  • 8+ countries where we have successfully managed remote campaigns
  • 1+ million euros, which we manage every year in advertising campaigns
  • 10-member team

Online marketing with real results

We help you realise your visions, improve projects, bring value to your companies, and earn more money through online marketing.

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