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Marketing Strategy

A very first step for a good marketing strategy is to be supported by the right market analysis and experience. This will help you to find a right direction in online marketing and to make a right future decisions.

The best plan for your success

Who are your customers? What is your goal? How do you achieve it?

Before you start any of the marketing activities, you need to answer those questions, otherwise you might lose your money. The right marketing strategy supported by the market analysis and experiences will help you to find a right direction in field of online marketing. This way you can divide your budget effectively and achieve a long-term success.


Tailored strategy

A good strategy will show you a current state of your business and opportunities how to make it better. Then you can decide what marketing activities suit your needs and how much you plan to spend.


Planning of marketing strategy:

  1. Analysis of your brand/product and competition
  2. Proposal of the best suited marketing channels
  3. Specific suggestions to improve the current state
  4. Suggestion of activities and budget splitting for them
  5. Creation of personas - virtual customers
  6. Creation of editorial plan (for social media and blogs)
  7. Proposal of processes from setup to finish

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