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PPC Campaigns and Internet Advertising

Choose a PPC advertising with the agency that is an expert in it. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, video advertising, product campaigns etc. You may not be able to do it on your own. But hey! We can help you with it.

Advertising on the internet

Internet advertising enable you to reach your audience with the right product or call-to-action in the right time and on the right device. It doesn’t really matter if you want to increase awareness of your brand, increase demand of your products or to offer your products via e-shop for your customers. In any case, internet advertising offers countless opportunities how to reach your goals.

Correctly set up PPC ad approaches your customers exactly when they need it.



From advertisement on search engines to Facebook - your options don't end there! Discover all of the advertising options on the internet and choose the best combination for your business. Of course, we will help you to choose the right one.


Plenty to choose from:

Google Ads

For many companies this is the first choice for advertising on the internet. With a great position of Google search engine and content network it is one of the best options to choose. More about Google Ads

Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook offers various types of campaigns to be used for a different marketing goals. This social media is offering several types of adverts - from a traditional picture with description, multi pictures carousel ads to video ads. More about Facebook Ads

Video ads

Video is a phenomenon of today's age. Mostly the younger generation likes it due to its content. They spend their time watching a different video channels online. Speak to your audience with an eye-catching content. More about video ads

Product campaigns

Product campaigns speak to customers at the latest phase of the shopping process. This type of advertisement brings customers directly to the website offering the product which will increase chances for conversion. More about product campaigns

Sklik and Bing ads

Advertising market in the Czech Republic is specific: the Google search engine has one local rival - the search engine If you plan to advertise in the Czech Republic, you need to be aware of it. In the USA, UK and other countries you might direct your advertisement to the Bing search engine.

Alternative advertising systems

In case of specific demands or a strong competition you may find Google Ads and Facebook Ads insufficient. A variety of options supplement other advertising methods like Criteo, LinkedIn Ads, AdRoll, Adform, RTB house, Etarget, Inres, Azet klik, Inclick and more. Discover alternative options

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