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Product Campaigns

Product campaigns have an important place in marketing for every e-shop. We will prepare product feeds for you, set the structure of the campaign and transparently manage your budget.

Necessity for e-shops

Advertising on the price comparison websites is necessary mostly for e-shops. Product campaigns speak to customers in the last stage of the shopping process. This can bring customers directly to the websites offering the product which should increase conversions.


I want product campaign


You can have your product campaigns here:

  • Slovak price comparison websites
  • Czech price comparison websites
  • Google (The Czech Republic, Austria, Germany etc)


At the Slovak market Heureka is the most relevant price comparison website. Marketing on Heureka doesn’t end by inserting XML feeds and passive waiting for the orders to come through. On the contrary, active approach will speak to thousands of people on daily basis, appear in the searching results, obtain “Verified by Customers” stamp and get to the first 4 the most suggested companies on the website.

Dynamic remarketing

The advantage of dynamic remarketing is that the advertising banner shows the users only the products which they were interested in the particular e-shop already visited. Google and Facebook also support dynamic remarketing. This type of advertising is further supported by some alternative advertising systems.

Product search engines

Product search engines might bring you relevant visits. Users can get to your e-shop through the products which they were interested in. Hence, the possibility of purchase is high. Furniture, clothing or accessories and even more will definitely find its place on the product search engines.

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