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We have been working with the client for a long time, so we do not start from scratch. The goal was to maintain turnover and reduce costs by 20 % therefore it did not look easy at all.

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So how did we deal with the assignment? There is a lot of competition in the search network and limited space for further growth. So we decided to get more out of the content network:

  • Work more intensively with Gmail advertising
  • An optimized content campaign contextually, even specifically targeted to rankings tested in the past
  • A new type of Google Ads campaign - Smart Display Campaign
  • Streamlining the remarketing

The fact that we also managed to get significantly better numbers in the search network only increases the client's satisfaction with the achieved results.

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What the client says:

Vivantina has been managing Google Ads campaigns for for the fourth year in a row and the performance of the e-shop is still growing. After campaigns in Google Search, they also found great potential in the Content Network.

Ján Maleš - executive manager

The results

The client set the goal for us in April 2017. In order to evaluate significant numbers and minimize the related seasonal effects, let's compare the 1st quarter of 2018  to the 1st quarter of 2017. What results have been reached?

Year-over-year 64 % increase in conversions from Google Ads, while reducing the cost per conversion by 27 %.

Year-over-year increase in sales

Reducing the cost of conversion

Year-over-year increase in e-shop traffic from ads on the Google Content Network by 98 % and conversions by 204% at an almost unchanged cost per conversion on the content network.

Sessions in e-shop


Cost per conversion

Year-over-year increase in the share of  Google Content Network in the performance of Google Ads campaigns from 20 % to 36 %.

Share of GDN in Google Ads campaign performance (1Q / 2017)

Share of GDN in Google Ads campaign performance (1Q / 2018)

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