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The client

Symprove Ltd.


A representative of the Symprove brand approached us at the end of 2016 with the intention of preparing a marketing plan for expansion on the Slovak and later the Czech market. At that time, Symprove products were primarily sold in our country through partner pharmacies and networks. Symprove was a new brand in our market with low favorability and awareness. The goal of the project was to make the brand known to the target groups and start sales.

What does the client say

“Improving people’s quality of life is Symprove’s mission. This mission has also been adopted by the Vivantina agency, and after the launch of the Slovak market, we are continuing together in the Czech Republic as well. In both countries, Vivantina is dedicated to Facebook communication with an appeal for brand building, which is complemented by performance PPC advertising.”

Martin Benko MSc. - the owner

Our solution for Symprove

In cooperation with the client, we decided that in addition to gradually building the brand, we will also work on conversions. Based on predefined personas, we have created detailed user audiences to which we have targeted campaigns.

This concept proved to be working after a few months and we supplemented it with regular communication on the Facebook social network, first in Slovakia and later also on the Czech market, where Symprove entered in 2018.

The next step will be the preparation of detailed targeted video ads on Youtube.


The fact that Symprove is on the right track is evidenced by the constantly growing number of brand inquiries and the equally growing click-through rate in the brand campaign.

Of course, inquiries and click-throughs were not the goal, but a means. The sale of Symprove products is also growing to the satisfaction of the client, and is evidence of a correctly chosen strategy:

Sales development

Sales volume (indicated in grey) and e-shop conversion rate (indicated in blue) shown by a graph.

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