Management of social networks, Google Ads, Photography and video production

The client

Zeelandia s.r.o.


We were addressed with a request to increase brand awareness, highlight product quality, improve communication on social networks and increase sales of bakery and confectionery mixes.

What does the client say

“Cooperation with Vivantina has been at a high and professional level from the beginning. Already at the beginning, the people from Vivantina have the so-called they sat down. They always know how to give us good advice, as they already know us well as a company with possibly more specific needs and focus. Thanks to them, we will save a lot of time in the preparation and management of social networks, photo shoots and various other projects. However, the result is always worth the drive.”

Ing. Jarmila Farkašová - Marketing Manager Zeelandia s.r.o.


We have created a communication strategy for social networks, designed for the B2B segment (owners of confectionery and bakeries, technologists in the food industry) and we fill these platforms with content on a regular basis. The strategy was also developed in Google Ads in the content network, and we also produced campaigns on YouTube. Until now, we are conducting regular communication for ZEELANDIA on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google.

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Facebooková stránka ZEELANDIE

Social networks:

  • We created strategies for communication on social networks Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • We regularly publish content and direct communication on these platforms.
  • We present work in ZEELANDIA, specific products and recipes.
  • We also create our own photos for presentation purposes.

Audio-visual production:

  • Our activities also include the production of videos.
  • We publish presentation videos as well as procedures for the preparation of bread, pastries, confectionery cakes, and desserts.
  • We feature videos on the official website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Technologické postupy ZEELANDIE

Prezentačné video produktu

Google Ads:

  • Through Google Ads, we advertise in the content network and on YouTube, in which we invest 50/50.
  • In the content network, we have deployed 6 sets of banners and responsive ads that show 2.4 million impressions and 12,000 thousand clicks.
  • We promote 11 videos that get 50,000 to 80,000 unique views per month.
  • In practice, VIVANTINA's activity also resulted in a visible increase in organic traffic to the ZEELANDIA website.

Visiting ZEELANDIA before cooperation and after a year of cooperation

New vs. returning visitors before cooperation and after a year of cooperation

Sources of traffic before cooperation and after a year of cooperation

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