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How to make your brand more attractive for users and also for Google? The quality SEO connected with content marketing secure better ratings of a website by algorithm of search engine which will move the website to a better positions.

What is SEO?

The main point of SEO is to gradually increase organic visits of your website through the search engines. Today’s SEO is not only about modifying the keywords, titles or meta descriptions but about many other off-page SEO activities. Therefore, this service is tightly connected with content marketing and social media marketing.

The basics for successful optimization:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Competition comparison
  • Complex on-page SEO improvements and information monitoring on web pages
  • Quality site reference portfolio
  • Content marketing - creation of relevant content
  • Evaluation of web analysis and KPI
  • Reporting

Why to optimize a web?

For many internet users Google is the window to the web. SEO is a long-term matter, it can last several months until webpages increase their visits via SEO. On the other hand, a correctly optimized web pages will remain on the same positions for longer time.

In comparison to SEO, there are paid marketing channels like Google Ads. The advantage of paid advertising is to get the results faster in a short period of time which SEO can't do. For that, Google Ads is part of a thoughtful search strategy of combination of SEO and paid advert - Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Another advantage of optimizing a web page is improvement of “Quality Score” in Google Ads which is one of the parameters to influence the price per click.

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