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Video Advertising

An effective way of advertising where you can impress your audience with image and sound.

Video - phenomenon of today's age

Video is phenomenon of today's age. Mostly the younger generation prefer video content and spend a lot of time by watching various video channels. Your video advert can be played on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram as well as on many news and thematic portals.


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YouTube is not only the second biggest search engine in the world but also the biggest video platform. As a subsidiary of Google, YouTube offers an ideal options for targeting and management of video adverts.


Even video on Facebook is becoming increasingly more popular. In this dynamic environment video advert, or "Sponsored Video", works less disturbing. In social media you reach more when you don’t push it to users. Your possible customers might not even realise that they watch an advert. Special features of Facebook advertising are 360 degrees video and live video.


Instagram is mobile social network initially based on photos, however today you come across with many types of video posts on the same platform. And usually, where the organic video is, there is always the place for a sponsored one. The advantage of Instagram is that it's closely connected to advertisement on Facebook. Options for targeting and optimization are the same on both platforms.

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