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Web Analytics

Without data analysis, success in highly competitive environment is almost impossible. Find out what works for your business and what doesn't.

Why to mesure and analyse

Whether you run a web, e-shop or mobile app, the most important assumption in the right managerial decisions are correct and relevant data. Web analytics uses available data to understand better what works in your business and what doesn't . Without data analysis, the success in the competitive environment is almost impossible - more successful are the ones who decide better and sooner.



Thanks to analysis, we can understand your data more. A/B testing help us to choose the right option for you.

Web and mobile analytics

Do you get any profit of money invested on Google Ads? How many conversions did you get after a new campaign launched on Facebook? What was the impact of your latest web redesign in terms of conversion? Those are the questions we can help you to answer by the web analysis and move your business forward.

A/B testing

In A/B testing there are two or more versions of the homepage or other tested elements put against each other in simultaneous experiment to find out which version brings better results.

More about A/B testing


We use followed analytical tools

Google Analytics

Free analytical tool which meets all requirements for modern web and mobile analysis. Google Analytics is easily linked with other important tool services from Google such as Google Ads and Google Search Console.

Facebook Analytics

Similarly to Google Analytics, this tool provides a valuable data about user's behaviour and their demographic and technological characteristics. Know your advert, Facebook page or app audience.

Other tools used for analysis

Within web analytics we also work with Google Search Console where we get valuable data about organic searches. Heatmap tools are helpful for graphic mapping of the movement of users on the web and to evaluate what they are interested in.

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