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Websites and Sales Improvement

Increase your sales with the visits you already have and indulge your customers with the transparent user interface.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Dedicated effort to increase conversion rate usually pays off. Instead of increasing your budget to having a higher visit rates, just increase your sales with the visits you already have.

Together we can define the right actions and set up scenarios for testing. Then we evaluate the data collected with analytical tools. Therefore the right actions will be applied so you can enjoy your increasing sales.


Where and how we optimize?

  • In the shopping process of your e-shop
  • When choosing call-to-action elements
  • By changing the color
  • Layout and relocation elements changes
  • In the structure of your internal processes and connections on your website



Increase your sales with the visits you already have



UI audit (Audit of usability)

User interface should be transparent, intuitive and without any unnecessary elements which can slow down the customer in the shopping process. We will help you to reach an ideal condition of your e-shop or web with implementation of UI audit proposals.

Why is it so important?

Users who can't navigate on your website fast enough, find needed information or are already in the shopping trolley which doesn't seem to be trustworthy, are more likely to leave your website. Do you know about the flaws of your website? By modification of the elements on your website you can prevent customer loss.


Prevent customer loss and indulge them with the transparent user interface


I want to improve user interface


What does UI audit solve?

  • Transparent navigation menu
  • Text and elements transparency on your website
  • Text readability
  • Graphic elements and overall website impression
  • Shopping trolley
  • Correct screen format on mobile devices
  • Individual flaws and suggestions
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