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SEO Consultant

Are you fan of a SEO and you know a little bit more about it, not just the meaning of the abbreviation?

If you are fan of a SEO and you know something more about it, not just a meaning of it and who is Rand Fishkin, we'll be glad if you get in touch. If you are not fan of coffee, we offer tea as well. 🙂


Ideal SEO person and colleague in one

  • It doesn’t matter if you are either male or female
  • You can prove your knowledge and experience in online marketing
  • You know how to use web analytical tools, mostly Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • You have basic knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • You know how to explain complicated things simply
  • You are client-orientated
  • You can work independently
  • You are expert in Slovak language and at least understand English in online environment
  • The online environment is your life and you love to be challenged
  • You like team buildings and beer chats 🙂


I'm the one


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