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Strategy, content marketing, Google Ads, SEO, Social network management

The client



To propose a strategy for the development of a newly established Slovak brand of outdoor clothing made of merino wool, to get the most out of the minimum.

What does the client say

“Always willing to move the customer to a higher level.”

Peter Muránsky - owner


We designed a performance strategy for SEO and Google Ads and a communication concept for social networks, where the elements of the brand identity were also defined, and communication lines were created. New content was created in the form of interesting articles directly for the target group, with whom we then also worked on social networks.

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Merino oblečenie


With the help of analysis and subsequent combination of several marketing channels within online marketing, we managed to:

  • increase sales and start a new "brand"
  • significantly grow the community of followers
  • get to the top of Google search
  • to create unique and high-quality content that inspires trust and interest
merino mikiny
blackhill - serp
blackhill - post
blackhill - post
urzatelna moda

However, this was preceded by: 

  • keyword analysis for SEO
  • content GAP analysis
  • proposal of on page changes on the website from the SEO and UI point of view
  • creation of a communication strategy for social networks
  • regular communication on social networks
  • performance strategy for performance channels (PPC or Google ads advertising)
  • SEO settings and regular SEO activities
  • creation of personas and an editorial plan for creating content for the blog
blackhill - dotaznik
blackhill - post
blackhill - post
blackhill - post
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