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We have been managing The Chamber’s Google Ads campaign for six years, but the biggest challenges came only now.

What does the client say

We have been working with Vivantina for more than 5 years, and thanks to their work, The Chamber is Nr. 1 among the escape games in the Czech Republic.

Tomáš Kučva - owner
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The client operates in a sphere linked to the tourism & hospitality industry, in which we could not talk of peaceful business in recent years. The series of lockdowns also affected their advertising campaigns - sometimes they were suspended, sometimes they ran in the most economic mode. The uncertain situation, accompanied by bigger or smaller restrictions, has lasted practically 2 years. See the development of Google Ads budgets from January 2019 to November 2022:
TheChamber štatistiky Google Ads - prípadová štúdia

And thus, after loosening pandemic measures, the need to catch up came logically, and marketing budgets gradually increased well above pre-crisis figures in 2022. The following graph shows how we dealt with the demands for higher growth when managing The Chamber's Google Ads campaigns.

TheChamber štatistiky konverzie - prípadová štúdia
  • In autumn of 2022, compared to spring, we worked with a 36% higher budget.
  • Campaigns brought 65% more conversions.
  • We reduced the average cost per conversion (CPA) by 18%.

The client's trust was reflected in the expansion of cooperation - in addition to Google Ads campaigns, we also added Facebook campaigns to the portfolio.

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