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So far, the combination of several marketing channels has proven to be the best possible solution every time. Moreover, relying on only one or two channels can be a risk (changes in the rules of Google and Facebook ads, big Google updates that affect SEO…). It doesn’t always have to be astronomical budgets for promotion. More important is the consistency and quality of the work done.

What does the client say

“We started working with Vivantina in 2017. At first we had the feeling that they were from another universe, but gradually we realised that they know what they are talking about, and it was confirmed in the results.”

Miroslav Ščur – owner
wsd kuchyne

Content marketing for an interior design studio

We started managing marketing for the interior studio WSD back in 2018. In addition to the already running advertising in Google Ads (at that time AdWords), we started building a new website and restarted communication on Facebook. Since the client had an old website, we made sure to correctly redirect the old URLs.

We optimised the new website on the technical side to make it "readable" for search engines, and we continued SEO activities for some time. Part of the optimization was also content marketing, which brings the client good results to this day.

So, let's evaluate it:

  • 40 published articles in 2 and ¼ years
  • initially 2 articles per month, currently 1 article per month
  • for each article, we paid attention to the interest or usefulness of the topic, engaging writing, grammatical accuracy, and an image attachment, which we consider almost as important as the text (especially for inspirations)
  • the subpages of the articles were filled with SEO tags (titles, meta description, alt tags) and we linked them with implementations or older articles using suitable expressions
  • the articles were always shared on Facebook and we supported these posts with a promotion from €20 to €50
  • during this period, several companies from the housing sector approached us and offered cooperation in the form of backlinks or articles

When comparing the traffic of 2019 and 2020 in Google Analytics, both organic traffic and traffic from social networks increased significantly. We devoted the most intensive attention to these channels within the framework of marketing management.

google analytics - wsd

Comparison of traffic for 2019 and 2020

A look into the Google Analytics tool

wsd13 - google analytics

Comparison of 2 channels

wsd - google analytics

Comparison of 2 years

A look into the Google Search Console

Looking at the Google Search Console, we can safely say that articles are organically the most visited content on the web for a long time..

gsc - wsd

Site performance over the last 3 months (11/9/ 2020 - 2/8/2021)

Although we no longer focus intensively on search engine optimization, it is content marketing that helps us achieve higher organic traffic through relevant keywords and topics that we cover in articles. On-page optimization of these pages, linking with other relevant sub-pages and promotion via social networks is a matter of course.

Sharing content on Facebook

The interaction of users on Facebook and the price per click for shared articles also tells us whether the given topics are interesting for users. When a discussion is sparked under the article, so much the better. Articles are long-term successful content on Facebook in terms of reach and interaction (along with new implementations or contests) with the same or comparable amounts of promotion.

facebook - wsd

An engaging article can have a comparable impact to a competition (with promotion for €50)

vyhladavanie - wsd

Search for the term "blog about housing" (February 10, 2021, Prešov)

Search results

By regularly and long-term publication of interesting articles, we managed to place ourselves in the first position in the Google search engine for the keyword "blog about housing", and for the highly competitive term "interior design studio" we were placed on the first page.

Summary of results

Using content marketing in combination with other marketing channels, we managed to:

  • increase organic traffic by 120% year-on-year
  • build a community of interacting fans on the Facebook social network
  • reach the first positions for the keyword "blog about housing"
  • to be placed on the keyword "interior studio" on the first page of the Google search engine
  • get some backlink collaborations
  • answer potential customers' questions, build credibility, and provide inspiration

What to take away from this summary? If the work is done well, even with less intensity and a lower budget, the set marketing goals can be achieved. However, what should be noted is that the product or service itself and the client's willingness to cooperate are also important.

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