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The client

WSD s.r.o.


WSD is a manufacturer of custom designer furniture designed by their own designers based on customer requirements. It is a smaller company in terms of the number of people, but it uses the latest technologies in production as well as in company management. Our task was to take care of the uncovered area of marketing.

What does the client say

“We started working with Vivantina in 2017. At first we had the feeling that they were from another universe, but gradually we realised that they know what they are talking about, and it was confirmed in the results.”

Miroslav Ščur – owner
wsd case studies


Classic PPC search advertising appeared to be the most effective way to immediately bring in new contacts and orders, but it was rejected due to technical problems with the old website. We had to look for a solution immediately and in a short time we managed to design and launch a new modern website with an interactive online inquiry system. Subsequently, we returned to Google Ads, started with regular communication on Facebook and with the creation of content for the blog and its distribution together with continuous SEO.

The result was not long in coming, after a few weeks from the launch of the new website, we had to turn off paid advertising, as WSD was unable to produce and fulfil orders.

So, we focused on long-term activities - SEO and local SEO, communication on social networks and work with the website.

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wsd13 štatistika
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