Management of social networks, Google Ads, photography, and video production

The client

Zeelandia s.r.o.


As part of long-term cooperation, we have evaluated that a consumer competition is the ideal tool for diversifying communication on social networks and increasing reach. The client agreed and we prepared the entire process in cooperation with the client, from the communication plan, through the implementation of the competition to the evaluation of the activity.

What does the client say

“Cooperation with Vivantina has been at a high and professional level from the beginning. Already at the beginning, the people from Vivantina have the so-called they sat down. They always know how to give us good advice, as they already know us well as a company with possibly more specific needs and focus. Thanks to them, we will save a lot of time in the preparation and management of social networks, photo shoots and various other projects. However, the result is always worth the drive.”

Ing. Jarmila Farkašová - Marketing Manager Zeelandia s.r.o.


We first created the necessary graphics for the competition so that it is clear at first glance that it is a competition and not a regular post. We created a text for the post, which contained the conditions of participation in the competition in the form of liking the post. We have listed in detail what constitutes the main prize, which could only be won by one contestant. We have prepared smaller packages for the other 30 contestants. The essential part was that the entire rules of the competition were published on the website of the organiser, in this case Zeelandia, and the clause that Facebook is not in any way associated with the given competition. The competition lasted two weeks.

See also:

Facebooková stránka ZEELANDIE


Here you can see how the final post on the Facebook social network looked like. We also posted the post, with a minor modification, on the social networks Instagram and LinkedIn, with the aim of informing people that we have a competition and that they can participate.


We supported the post with advertising worth €120 and it brought the following results:

  • The reach was 32,936 users.
  • The post received 2,858 interactions.
  • With this activity, we increased the number of followers by 24.08%.
  • We approached 81.7% of women and 18.3% of men.
  • 590 users joined.
  • Although not a requirement of the contest, we got 149 shares.
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